The state of the world

I'm beginning to despair about the state of the planet. With a 60% loss of animal populations since 1970, so many species endangered, and the climate crises not looking to improve any time soon, it's difficult to see how we'll pull ourselves out of this one. Even the IPCC and the UN are saying we, humanity, need to drastically change the way that we live and consume, and to change within around 10 years, or else we are likely to face extinction or mass death, reducing the population to a fraction of what it once was. These aren't controversial claims by far-left activists, these are respected organisations raising the red flag and telling us to do something.

But it's not in the news, it's not on the front page of the papers. It seems that the information is largely hidden from the masses, unless they explicitly look for it. And how can they look for it if they don't know?

The problem is, a successful society is one which promotes itself. The next generation grow up learning that it's a good society which should continue, and then they teach these ideals to their children, and so the cycle continues. So we've learnt in the West that the stupid capitalist-consumerism that grips our world is something that's good, and meant to be. Those that disagree are outnumbered by those that follow along with the ideals fed to them. Those that have a different view are labelled, ridiculed; are ultimately ignored.

However, if you look back in history you'll see that there have been a great many societies, cultures and civilisations rise and fall. This proves that everything can change, and that society is always changing. So there is hope that we will move beyond the current system. But we will have to work hard to make people stop and think. To make them change. Too many people are comfortable in the current society, meaning that they don't see it as a problem. Hunger and discomfort lead to riots and anger, and job of the system is to control this. Thus, those with power have everything they need, and more; while those without enough, who go hungry, homeless, jobless, those without enough have no power to do anything about it. They have no voice, and the government provides token help without making any sort of change towards a more fair society.

I sincerely hope that activism, raising public awareness and mass civil disobedience can alter our course. But I worry that it's already a lost cause. We're going to see big changes in the next decade or so. I hope you're prepared.


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